About us

PCVARE continues to strengthen its hold in the markets for its first class services in the arenas of data recovery and data conversion. Though exemplified in the technical front, our products have never ceased to be cost-effective. Whether an individual user or an international organization, we always had the satisfaction of our clients.

We offer solutions for varied problem, so whatever the reason for data loss (i.e – system corruption, system failure, accidental deletion or forgotten password), a solution is never far away. Our firm is into the development of varieties of tools, i.e. – Email Converters (Outlook Express to Outlook, Windows Live Mail Converter, Thunderbird to Outlook Converter, etc.), Contacts Converters (WAB Exporter & Outlook Contacts Exporter), PDF Related Tools (Unrestrict PDF, Restrict PDF, etc.) and Password Recovery (Outlook Password Recovery Toolbox & Unlock MDB).

Our developers and engineers are a technically skilled lot, forever hot on their heels latest technical update or the recent trend in the market. We find them to be highly innovative and enthusiastic on adding the latest cutting-edge feature to our products. They play a major part in the excellent performance of our company at the international level, catering to the requirement of various data conversion and data recovery products.

We value our clientele, every client is important for us. If there is any issue with any client, we deal with them individually. Dealing with hundreds of clients on daily basis, we understand that not every client is as technically inclined as the others. Being bestowed some real good opinion by the expert, we understand the vulnerability of the non-technical clients and that is what we aim to change. So, we develop our products as such that, irrespective of their functions, they would always put the user at ease about their implementation.

We always aim to offer the best to our clients, so the software are upgraded at a regular interval. It is for the up gradation of our product that we have our team to keep tab and continuously review the latest trends and then get it integrated in the present form of the respective software.

The company id renowned for its fast service and its ability to quickly fix user's woes. Once approached, help is immediately offered. We take care to help out our users whenever needed, through every step if we must. Our 24/7 support system ensures that complete help is provided upon, on time.

PCVARE initiative

We take pride in our performance in the global market and our reputation among the international and domestic clientele. It is the unbroken trust of our clients that has us continuously fight every adversity and strive for innovation and perfection. We aim to help our clients in every possible way, to give them full return on every penny spent and to see that they are not lacking in any way. Customer satisfaction is our prime aim.

Our Aim

From the start, we aimed to reach out to the masses, to help them become immune against technical adversities. The only way to be successful in this agenda was to make the solutions cost-effective, time-saving and easily operable. We offer 500+ result oriented solutions to choose from, where every solution has the capability to bring out the user from some technical complication and make a pro out of them at once.

Seeking excellence

To seek innovation and to upgrade our solution is a daily feature for us. We continuously analyze the marked to find out about the latest technique and requirement. We work on every new idea and design that would enable us to blend cutting-edge technology into simple technique. We also have session with the users through email or online chat, to know their mind and understand them even better.