PCVARE DBX to PDF Converter

Convert Emails from Outlook Express DBX files into PDF Format

  • No DBX File size limitation for conversion
  • Convert Batch DBX Files to PDF in one time
  • Convert DBX Files to PDF along with attachments
  • Supports all versions of Outlook Express 5.0, 5.5, 6.0
  • Each DBX file message will be saved as individual PDF
  • Workable on Windows 10, 8.1, Vista, 7, XP & all other versions
  • Any Adobe Reader version should be installed on machine to view PDF files after conversion

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working features of the tool

install & uninstall process

Specifications of DBX to PDF Converter

Batch conversion Option

batch option in the tool

The DBX to PDF Software works in two different modes. In Single Mode you can select each DBX file separately for conversion and in Batch Mode you can select "Add folder having DBX file(s)" to convert into Adobe PDF document.

Embed Attachments within PDF

attachments are embed

The software will create a separate PDF file for each Outlook express email and will keep the attachments embedded within the PDF file. The attachments will remain in their original file type and will not be changed into PDF format.

Convert Complete Metadata

easily convert your metadata

While converting Outlook express Emails into PDF format; the metadata information like to, cc, bcc, from, date & time stamp, subject line, etc. will be saved as it is. All the email address and other information remain intact.

Maintains all the Text Formatting

text formatting would be maintained

The original formatting of email remains unchanged which converting DBX mails to PDF. Whatever be the formatting; RTF or HTML, it will be retained by the tool. The Fonts style, font size, Links, Color, inline pictures etc. all remain intact.

Separate PDF for Each Email

different PDF

The Software will create a separate PDF for each & every DBX File email. If you select multiple DBX files to convert into PDF, the software will create a separate folder for each DBX file and save each mail in a separate PDF file.

Supports All Outlook Express Versions

works with outlook express versions

The Software can successfully convert emails of Outlook Express 5, 5.5, and 6.0 DBX files into PDF file. For this, Outlook express installation is not required and the software can save both configured as well as orphan DBX files.

Screenshots to Convert DBX files to PDF

Below 3 screenshots are available to take an overview on the procedure of this converter. You can also see how the product looks during the conversion process of DBX to Adobe PDF Conversion.

Working Procedure

how to DBX working

Step 1. Select DBX files

  • (a) Add DBX Files (s) – Select DBX file one by one, usng this option. To select multiple files at once, press Ctrl+Click on the .dbx file
  • (b) Add Folder having DBX File(s) –This button helps to select DBX file folder for one time conversion processing. It is time saving option.

Step 2. Click on Convert Button

After adding the DBX files, click on the convert button. The software will then prompt you to provide an appropriate location save the PDF files after conversion. Once you provide the location, it will automatically start the conversion.

Step 3. Complete the Conversion

As the conversion starts, within a few minute you will see that the conversion of DBX Files to Adobe PDF document finishes and an alert message will generate.

Watch Video to Convert Outlook Express to PDF, Working Steps

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the tool is safe

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Version: 1.3

Product Version - 1.3

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Limitation -Trial Edition Limitation -The demo you will be able to convert first 5 DBX messages to PDF Format for testing.

Frequently Asked Question

faqs of the tool

Does the software convert emails attachments into PDF Format?

No, it will not be able convert attachments files into PDF format, only the emails within DBX file will be converted into PDF format. The attachments will remain in the same format; which they were originally into.

Is it possible to convert DBX into PDF without Adobe Reader

Yes, you can convert the emails from DBX files into PDF without Adobe reader but to open and view those PDF file, Adobe reader has to be installed in your machine. Any version of Adobe acrobat reader will work.

Will 10 be supported by the Software?

Yes, the program will support 10 and all below version of windows 10 OS.

Is Outlook Express installation is necessary?

>No, Outlook Express installation is not necessary to perform conversion. The software can convert both configured and non-configured DBX files.


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