Export IncrediMail Emails to Windows Mail

You have a reason to switch from IncrediMail to Windows Mail but do not have solution to export mail to a format that allow you to import your precious email messages to the new email client - Windows Mail…

Despite the similarity of sending and receiving features of email applications, the real difference b/w them is the storage formats. Both IncrediMail & Windows Mail is free application difference between them is IncrediMail saves messages in IMM and Windows Mail saves in EML format.

So when you want to transfer your precious email messages from IncrediMail to Windows Mail, you need to convert IncrediMail IMM files into Windows Mail EML format. Before conversion of IMM files into EML files format, you need to know:

How to locate IMM files?

WINDOWS XP: C:\Documents and Settings\Your Profile Name (Logon Name)\Local Settings\ Application Data\ IM\

WINDOWS Vista/7: C:\Users\Your Profile Name (Logon Name)\AppData\Local Settings \IM

How to import EML files into Windows Mail?

Open Windows Mail

Now open the File menu >> click Import messages

Select the appropriate file format >> click ‘Next’

Now browse the folder containing your exported messages and select files\folders to import >>click ‘Next’

Now click ‘Next’ then you will get a message confirming the file format used and that the import was successful.

Finally click Finish.

You can find the imported converted IMM files in the left pane, in a folder named Storage folders.There are procedures to convert IncrediMail IMM files into Windows Mail EML format:

Method 1 – Manual way

To convert the IncrediMail emails into Windows Mail EML format, firstly you have to save the IMM files into .eml format and then import to Windows Mail emails.

This manual method is 100 % free of cost but a lengthy method. It is effective when you need just a few messages converted. For batch conversion you require a more automated method or alternative approaches.

Method 2 – Another Manual way

In this method using Outlook email client. Add both accounts in it. When it is done just drag & drop or click right mouse button and press move to Windows Mail inbox folder.

Method 3 - Free conversion tools

When manual method is not suitable to you then use free solutions available. Free conversion tools handle your conversion process in batch mode. These free tools saves your money but comes with unnecessary extras like add-ons, plug-ins and even spy on your contacts list for spamming, capturing your browsing history and etc.

Another disadvantage of these frees tools: Most of these products not downloading completely or not perform complete conversion process.

When you search free IncrediMail to Windows Mail Converter Tool online, you will find there aren’t so many except IncrediConvert – a program which was available, but currently no longer supported. Unfortunately, IncrediConvert only supports IncrediMail 1.x files and won’t work with version 2 and above.

Therefore, if you are using latest version of IncrediMail and want to transfer your email messages to Windows Mail, you have to use a commercial utility – PCVARE IncrediMail to Windows Mail Converter Tool.

Method 4 - PCVARE IncrediMail to Windows Mail Converter Tool

This utility converts IncrediMail to EML very easily and quickly and you can import and view their IncrediMail IMM files in Windows Mail.


Download and launch the converter >> Browse IMM files or folder >> Select (.eml) option >> Give the location to save converted files >> Click 'Convert'.

The conversion process is successfully completed now you can import the EML files to Windows Mail.

INCREDIMAIL TO WINDOWS MAIL CONVERTER very easily converts IMM to EML files in all and needs no other tool to support it. It’s to do handy Advanced Features:

  • Compatible with Windows version like – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000
  • reserves original folders into Windows Mail
  • Save and convert all components of IncrediMail into Windows Mail
  • Save and convert all components of IncrediMail into Windows Mail
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