MBOX to PDF Converter

Convert & Save MBOX Files to Adobe PDF Files with Attachments

  • Save attachments embedded with PDF
  • Batch mode to convert mbox file to PDF
  • Preserves MBOX files’ initial folder layout
  • Maintains the formatting of emails accurately
  • 10 File naming options provided for saving mails
  • Option to Convert Attachments as PDF format also
  • There is no conversion limits – tested using 2800+ files
  • Software has compatibility with all Windows OS machine
  • No MBOX based email application installation is required
  • Open the converted emails in any Adobe Reader edition up to 11.0v

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Various capabilities of MBOX to PDF Converter.

Installation & Uninstallation process

Specifications of MBOX to PDF Converter

Supports Several E-mail Client

conversion for all MBOX files into pdf

MBOX to PDF Converter can convert messages from applications like: Eudora, Pocomail, Berkeley, Mac Mail, Evolution, Thunderbird, Turnpike, Postbox, etc.

All Adobe Reader versions supported

supports all adobe versions

After the mails are converted then user can read the converted files in any Adobe Reader version up to 11.0. Installation of Adobe Acrobat Reader is compulsory.

Batch conversion mode available

Batch Mode available for conversion

There is Select Folder having (.mbox) files… option available, using it user can convert multiple MBOX files at once into PDF format. But remember to store all mbox files in 1 folder before selecting them.

Convert Attachments of Emails in PDF

convert all your attachments too

User can save all the MBOX or MBX Files with attachments. There is another option to convert attached files as Adobe PDF format which is available in business licensed version only for that you need to have MS Office installed in your system.

Workable with MBOX files of Mac Mail

converts MBOX of Mac Mail

This software is also capable to convert Mac Mail application's MBOX files to PDF with Windows platform compatibility. For such conversion, you have to move your Mac Mail files in Windows machine and convert them to PDF format.

Formatting remains same after conversion

formatting is kept after conversion

The tool converts MBOX files to PDF with keeping & maintaining the layout and design of the files without any modification. It will save both rich-text and HTML formatting (font style, color, size) of emails as it is. The formatting would remain same even after the conversion.

Maintains the Folder Structure

folder structure is maintained

Many users manages there emails in folder sub-folder structure, the tool also manages them & maintain the original folder structure. The files are saved in the same manner in which they were stored before conversion.

Retains all Meta-Data Elements

meta data elements is also kept in order

The software will also maintain the meta-data properties of the emails like the email address, subject line, date & time, to, cc, bcc etc.

Different File Naming Options

file naming options present in software

Software has 9 different file naming options; by using it you can save your converted PDF files according your choice like – Date (DD-MM-YYYY) + from +subject.

Windows OS base program

Windows conversion

You can use this program in any Windows operating system of your choice like- Windows 10, 8.1, 8.0, 7, XP, Vista, etc. This tool is able to convert emails on entire Windows OS platform with having all the qualities.

Screenshot views of the MBOX to PDF Converter

The screenshots has been provided to make you familiar with the software before you order for it.-

Working Steps

steps for conversion

Step 1 - Locate & Select MBOX Files

First Step for MBOX conversion into PDF is to select .MBOX files from stored location by using Open Option

Step 2 - Choose File Naming Options

After Selecting MBOX Files by Open Option, After that Choose file naming option to save MBOX files.

Step 3 - Convert MBOX Emails

Now choose converted saving location, click OK and Start button for MBOX files conversion.

Watch Video to Convert MBOX to PDF Files

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Version : 6.0

Product Version - 6.0

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Limitation -Demo Edition of the software is available to help you understand the working of the software before you purchase it. The demo version does not performs complete conversion which means it will convert only 25 emails that too with water-mark. Purchase License version of the program for extra features (Convert Attachments as PDF) and unlimited emails conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions about MBOX to PDF Converter


I have several attachments in my MBOX files which are important for me. Will this tool help me to keep them in PDF files?

This tool converts MBOX files to PDF format with keeping all the properties of emails including with attached items. It also provides a unique facility to save attachments by embedding within the PDF file or in a separate folder.

Is there requirement for Adobe Reader installation?

Yes, if you want to open & read the converted files in then it is necessary that you have Adobe Reader install in your machine.

How to convert Mac Mail emails into PDF?

Firstly, you have to move your MBOX files of Mac Mail into Windows OS configured machine then use this tool to convert files to PDF format. These converted files can be viewed on any platform whether it is Windows OS or Mac OS.

Will this procedure be helpful while I have MBOX files of Thunderbird only without its installation?

Yes, it will be helpful because it has ability to convert non-configured/orphan files into PDF format.


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