Privacy Policy

We equally value the privacy of our clients, as of our own, so any information obtained from the clients strictly remains between them and the company. For the purchase of our product, the client has to give in a few personal details. It is to prevent the misuse of that information that the company strictly follows a set of privacy policies. These policies state it to be punishable offence to sell, rent or distribute the information in any way. Legal action would be taken on the breach of any privacy policy. The use of that information is restricted to the company itself only as far as, fulfilling its obligation to the clients.

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Personal Information

Users may browse our sites without revealing any personal information, but they would need to provide in a few personal information to get through the purchase of our products. Though the information is obtained with complete consent of the clients, we understand the immense trust that the clients bestows on us to share such information. The safe-keeping of those information is taken seriously by the company, for personal as they are to the clients, they are equally crucial to us. Any information obtained (name and email address are needed for purchasing software solution or for offering tech support), it is collected and safely stored using network firewalls and access control procedures. This helps us to maintain the confidentiality of the information and prevent unauthorized access.

Few facts on the privacy policy

To place order online

Email id, phone number, address and various other details are required while ordering online, to confirm order and for providing license or solution. This information is also asked for various other reasons, like clarification on some technical matter or to carry out correspondence in the future.

Contact support team

Email and Online Chat are the standard medium to get in contact with the support team. An email id is required by you to approach the support team and for the support team to contact you in return. To directly approach the contact team through the set up of online chat, you may have to spare a few details on yourself.

Survey or contest by the company

Various surveys and contests are held up by the company, where you are invited to share your opinion. To notify the winner and award prizes, email and name are required. The information collected, it is processed only with your consent and their safe-keeping is wholly undertaken by the company.

Security reasons

PCVARE abides by every precautions and measures to ensure confidentiality on the online transactions. Any personal credit information collected for such purpose, a set of privacy policies is strictly practiced for their safe-keeping. PCVARE won't be hold accountable for any breach of security.

Updates on any change on the privacy policy

PCVARE may make changes in the privacy policy at its sole discretion, as it has every right to do. But, any changes made in such context, immediately the information would get posted on this page. Kindly visit this page at regular intervals, to keep track of the changes made.