Import Thunderbird to Mac Mail

When you start working in a company situation could be anything anytime and the most uncertain situation is to migrate your email app.

Since last two – three years you were using Thunderbird windows based email application and now suddenly your Boss provided you a brand new Mac Machine. Now it's obvious that you have to change your machine and there you need to transfer all your data that includes transfer of all your important precious mails of Thunderbird into Mac Mail.

Here I am assuming your Thunderbird is in Window machine and Mac Mail is in Mac Machine but both the email client Thunderbird and Mac Mail could be on the same machine i.e. Mac Machine.

Now I am closing my story and providing you all sorts of solution to transfer all emails from Thunderbird into Mac Mail with entire email information.

First Solution – Manual Process to Import Thunderbrid to Mac Mail

Manual process includes only two or three steps and useful when you have 20- 30 mails.

Thunderbird and Mac Mail is on Mac Machine:

This process includes importing the Thunderbird mails using Import Mailboxes under the File menu of Mac Mail. As Thunderbird uses the mbox format to support messages, and Mac Mail can import mbox files

Thunderbird is in Window machine and Mac Mail is in Mac Machine:

Shutdown Thunderbird and simply copy all the Thunderbird emails from the stored location to an external device then paste that files to Mac Machine. In Mac Apple mail, you have to go to File menu/Import Mailboxes, select Thunderbird option then click on 'continue' to browse & locate the copied Mozilla Thunderbird files.

Mac mail will start importing the emails. The emails will appear as "Imported mail"

Go to "Mailbox" on the menu and select "Rebuild" to ensure no corruption. You have to select each mail folder to be able to rebuild it.

Quit Mac Mail and restart. Now your Thunderbird email messages are present along with existed Mac Mail messages.

Yes this is the easy way to transfer the Thunderbird Mails to Mac Mail but is this reliable?

This manual process is not reliable because–

Unfortunately, this process is lengthy time consuming and exactly not a professional solution. But fortunately, you have a Thunderbird to Mac Mail Transfer Tool which is a Unique Solution. Using a tool to transfer the emails from Thunderbird to Mac Mail email client is the smart and best solution.

Advantages of using Thunderbird to Mac Mail Transfer Tool:

Thunderbird cannot import .mbox files that are supported by Mac Mail so using a Thunderbird to Mac Mail Transfer Tool It's amazingly easy.

Tool works fantastic and also saves you a lot of time to transfer Thunderbird (Windows XP) emails to a Mac Mail (Apple Mail).

Just download the PCVARE Thunderbird to Mac Mail Transfer Tool - a reliable method which converts entire Thunderbird files into MBOX Windows OS machine, then shift converted .mbox files into Mac Machine through external device and then easily able to import into Mac Mail.

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