PCVARE Unrestrict PDF Software

Removes Owner/Permission Password from PDF to Copy Edit Print PDF document

  • No Adobe Acrobat Reader installation required
  • No File Size Limitation to remove PDF password
  • Allows to Print, Copy & Edit Adobe PDF Document
  • Takes around 5 seconds to remove owner password from PDF
  • Removes restrictions of PDF file with Adobe edition up to 9 version
  • Keeps an exact document & creates restriction free copy of the PDF

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working features

Installation & Uninstallation process

Features List – Unrestrict PDF Software

Remove Owner Password Restriction

no password restriction

Owner password restriction locks copying, editing & printing of the PDF document. With this tool you can remove PDF restrictions without a problem and your will be permitted to copy, edit and print content of the Adobe PDF.

Create New PDF File

new PDF file

When the software unlocks the PDF document, it does not overwrite the original file. It creates a copy of the same document & removes restriction from it. In simple word you will have the original restricted PDF document & a copy of it without the restrictions.

Remove Printing Restriction

remove the printing restriction

Are you getting the "message printing not allowed"? Your PDF is restricted & you can remove it using this software in seconds only & print PDF files easily.

Remove Editing Restriction

edit with ease

Cannot edit single data of PDF, means the document editing function is blocked. Using this program you can easily remove the editing restriction & start making changes to the file.

Remove Copying Restriction

copy the data

Tool will also remove copying restriction from PDF, you can easily copy text & data from the document once the protected is lifted.

Supports PDF of all Adobe Edition

works on each adobe reader eiditon

No matter using which version of Adobe PDF (up to 9) you have created the PDF file, this tool will unlock it nevertheless. It even unlock 128 or 256-bit encryption PDF files.

Does not changes the formatting

formatting is same

It's likely that your PDF File have some formatting (background, design, images, hyperlinks, color, font, etc), tool does not makes any changes to the documents formatting while unlocking PDF document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader no Required

no need of adobe reader

Best thing of this tool is that you do not require having Adobe Reader install in the system to Remove PDF Restrictions. Adobe Reader is only needed to read the document, our tool works without it finely.


Easy interface

simple interface

Using this tool is very simple, only few steps are needed to be followed in order to have a smooth & quick conversion. Within 5 seconds you will have your Adobe PDF document free from permission password protection. How to Unlock PDF Document?


Fully supports Windows OS

windows os is supported

Use it in any Windows Machine – Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 98, 97, etc. The product is entirely Windows based.


Screenshot view of Unrestrict PDF

Through the screenshots of the software the complete working of the product has been explained. It also helps you to get acquainted with the look & working of the software.

How to Remove PDF Restrictions- In Brief

Easy steps to Unrestrict a PDF file to allow the actions like – copy, edit, and print. These steps are given to help you to do it manually after installing the software.

Download and Launch the Tool

To start with, first of all you need to have the software downloaded & install in your system. Once it's done, follow the easy steps provided below to remove owner password from PDF documents.

Launch the application from Start » Programs » Unrestrict PDF » Unrestrict PDF

Step 1: Browse & Select PDF File

In the first screenshot of the software you can see that there is a browse button available to select PDF file from which you want to remove restriction. How to select PDF? Follow the steps given below.

  • Click on Browse button
  • Select Adobe PDF file
  • Click on open buttons

Step 2: Click on Unlock

Once the selection is done you will get a new Pop-up windows with the message :

"If your PDF file requires a password to open it then, please input the password below to open the PDF document for removing restrictions. If no password is set then, click Unlock to quickly Unrestrict PDF file."

If user password protection is applied to the document then check on use password to open document. If you had not applied User Password protection then leave it blank & simply click on Unlock button.

Step 3: PDF File Unlock - Complete

In seconds you will have the PDF document unlocked.

By default the software save the Unrestrict PDF in the same location where the restricted file is saved.

You can go to the location where the original PDF document is saved to view the Unrestrict PDF document & without a problem copy, edit & print it.

Watch Working Video

Learn working procedure of the software to Unrestrict PDF file by this given video.

FREE DEMO Edition – Unrestrict PDF Software

tool is secure

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Version: 7.0

Product Version - 7.0

File Size - 1.19 MB

Limitation - Demo will only show whether the PDF Document have owner password restrictions or not. It does not remove owner password restriction from PDF Documents.

Frequently Asked Question


How can I check if the document has restriction or not?

If a document has permission password restriction then there will be a Lock Icon on the left hand side of the document. You can also download our demo edition to check that, demo is for free.

If the document has permission password restriction then you can opt for the License version of Unrestrict PDF. If there is no restrictions then check your PDF Editor for any fault.

Will the tool removes both user & owner passwords from Adobe PDF?

It only remove owner password from PDF files, it will not remove user password from PDF. If your document has both passwords, then the software will ask you to provide the user password first then you can remove the owner password protection from it.

Having Adobe reader install is necessary?

Do not worry; it will definitely remove owner password restriction from PDF document. Having or not having Adobe Reader is not a problem.


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