Steps to Convert Windows Mail to Outlook

Since Windows Mail saves email files in EML messages and Outlook does not supports opening of EML files directly; you need to convert & move EML files of Windows Mail into Outlook PST format one by one.

For Windows Mail to MS Outlook migration there is no direct method available neither you can convert multiple emails in batch. The possible methods through which you can convert Windows Mail to MS Outlook have been described below:

Tools Menu --> ImportExportTools --> Import/Export

Method 1. - > Method 1: Using Import \ Export option of Windows Mail.

With this method you can export EML files from Windows Mail and then import it into MS Outlook. In this method only messages saved in Windows Mail will be imported. Account settings aren't transferred.

Following are the steps:

  • Start Outlook and Windows Mail.
  • In Windows Mail >> Go to File
  • In the File menu >> Click on Export >> Messages
  • From Windows Mail Export Wizard >> Select Microsoft Exchange >> Click Next
  • A message will appear

"This will export messages from Windows Mail to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange". Click 'OK'

  • Here you need to specify the files you want to export >> Select All >> Click OK
  • Else, you can select the folders that you want to export and click OK
  • In Export Complete window >> Click Finish

Method 3. - > is using Import \ Export option of Outlook.
Following are the instructions to import Windows Mail messages to Outlook:

  • 1. Open Outlook
  • 2. Select File >> 'Import and Export' from the Menu
  • 3. In Import and Export Wizard >> 'Import Internet Mail and Addresses' and click 'Next'
  • 4. In Outlook Import Tool >> click on 'Outlook Express or Windows Mail' and check mark the 'Import Mail' & 'Import Address BOOK' and click on 'Next'
  • 5. In 'Import Addresses' select how you would prefer duplicates to be handled
  • 6. Finish and then wait until conversion process is completed

Manual conversion allows single email conversion again and again which makes it annoying. Perfect conversion process should have liability to convert bulk email from EML to PST along with intact properties.

Converter tools are powerful applications designed with such technicalities to convert bulk email messages from EML to PST format. Keeping Email properties, attachments and attributes are assured to transfer with email data during EML to PST conversion.

For sure Manual conversion is free solution to move EML to PST format. But it export folders one by one from Windows Mail to Outlook then import those EML files into PST format manually which makes the overall process slow and time consuming. So, choose a converter tool designed to convert multiple emails from one file format to other at once.

3 simple steps are required to Windows Mail to Outlook converter tool:
  • - Download the software and run the program
  • - Select the EML files click on Convert Messages
  • - EML files are converted and imported to Outlook

Selecting third party converter tool is a perfect solution for time savvy and large scale conversion of emails.

Windows Mail to Outlook Conversion

PCVARE EML 2 PST Converter tool came up with the Windows Mail to Outlook converter with which all Windows Mail can be converted to PST Outlook in a matter of few clicks. This tool offers extreme reliability, stability and speed of EML to PST conversion.

Some of the remarkable features of PCVARE EML 2 PST Converter:

  • Extremely fast and accurate conversion
  • Batch processing – automatically convert multiple emails
  • Data safety throughout the conversion
  • Maintains the original folder structure
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