How to Convert Windows Vista Mail to Mac Mail

I have found that there is no direct option available to directly transfer emails from Windows Vista Mail to Mac Mail. I have worked with many other email clients like entourage, Outlook Express etc to transfer my Windows Mail files but it was not successful.

Is there any perfect solution to convert Vista Mail to Mac Apple Mail?

Yes, there are two methods for this to quickly transfer email files from Windows Vista Mail to Mac Mail:

1. Manual Method

2. Alternate Method

After trying both the process, one you would like to use, you can which can be decided after completion of both procedures.

Starting from Manual Process:

There are 2 Manual Method which helps you to transfer email files from Vista Mail to Mac Mail. You just follow these steps:

Drag & Drop Method

  • First get the EML files of Vista Mails into a Mac Machine, use any external device
  • Now Open your Mac Machine
  • You must have an account in Apple Mail
  • Now open the folder in which you have the EML files of Vista Mail store, select all emails (using Ctrl+A).
  • Drag all selected emails & drop in the newly created folder of Mac Mail
  • Then Create an empty folder in Mac Mail which you want to store the Vista Mail emails

In this Method you can observe that you have to give in lots of time to transfer email files from Windows Vista Mail to Apple Mail. At time of transferring bundle of files there might be the risk of some files getting corrupt or your system may stop responding.
Also when you simply drag and drag the emails to Mac Mail account it will create a mess with existing Mac Mail emails.

Change Extension of eml into .mbox Format

You can also use this Method to transfer email files from Windows Vista Mail to Mac Mail by following few steps:

First change the extension of .eml files into .mbox (right-click on the eml file >> rename >> change extension)

Then transfer the mbox files in the Mac Machine

Now Open Mac Mail

Go to File >> Import Mailboxes>> Standard MBOX files

Browse & select the files which you transferred from Windows OS

This method is quite risky & when you will change the extension of the eml files into mbox this file may be get corrupt so may altogether lost the original files as well, so it's not at all recommended.

Second / Alternate Method:

If you want to quickly convert Windows Mail to Mac Mail, then use Windows Mail to Mac Mail Converter that can simply convert emails, folders, attachments, images to Mac Apple Mail within few minutes. Using this Method is very easy & takes very little time.

With Batch option of PCVARE Converter you can easily convert unlimited emails from Windows Mail to Mac Mail at once. Also using this tool is very easy, just follow the following procedure:

Then the software will convert EML files into MBOX along with its attachments and element. Now move converted .mbox files in Mac Machine & import them into Apple Mail Read more>> How to Import MBOX file into Mac Mail

Some benefits that this tool provides:

  • Provides Easy & Simple Steps
  • Save Precious Time
  • Convert Files with all attachments & header information
  • Batch Ability (to quickly convert emails)
  • Offering 100% surety

The Windows Vista Mail to Mac Mail Converter can safely convert all files of .eml format from many email applications like; Windows Live Mail. Now, it is best way to convert emails from Windows Vista Mail to Mac Mail

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